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Supporting our local community in Slough

In addition to being the meeting place for our local council, Wexham Court Parish Hall supplies the local community with many services. We are locally run with the best interests of the community of Slough always in mind. Why not call in and see us today or give us a call?

The tennis courts that form part of the Parish amenity land adjacent to Wexham Court Parish Hall are maintained by the Parish Council and are available free of charge for use by our residents. If you're looking for a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time, why not book a session today?

The local Parish Council holds its meetings at the parish hall, meetings which you are more than welcome to attend. If you have any issues to raise or just want to get more involved with the local community in Slough, why not attend one of meetings?

The Parish Council provides an Allotment Site for residents which is situated at the junction of Church Lane and Uxbridge Road. Plots can be rented at a reasonable cost, so if you would like a garden of your own to spend some time in, just get in touch with the allotments officer, Lynne, on 07803 208 556 for further details.


There is currently a waiting list but you will be contacted as soon as a vacant plot becomes available.

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Your local Parish Hall on Norway Drive in Slough is here for you. Why not give us a call today? Ring us on: 07803 208 556